A few years ago I thought it would be fun to start a beauty blog. I’ve long followed other beauty gurus blogs and youtube channels. I’m a professional hairstylist and avid makeup collector so I simply figured why not offer my expertise to the world?

And so, I set to work creating a site and correlating YouTube channel under the moniker hey pooker. I posted for a few months and made a couple of  videos with the aid of my videographer husband, but truth be told I wasn’t having the best time doing it. I found myself suffering from imposter syndrome. When I would sit down to compile a list of topics I thought people could be interested in I felt both disinterested and overwhelmed. With a million beauty bloggers all attempting to review or share the same information what new content could I possibly even offer? I, by no means, consider myself an excellent photographer, and I’ve been known to make a grammatical error or ten. Who would even be perusing this blog of mine when there’s always a better one only a click away? I only wanted to post what I felt was perfect content and nothing felt good enough. I posted nothing.

For close to two years my site has gone unused. In those years my personal life has seen many changes. I’m currently enjoying my first year of marriage and I have a baby boy on the way this Fall. It’s really the latter of those two things that has me posting this today. There’s not much like bringing a new person into the world to make you reflect on the kind of person you are or the kind of person you would like to be. Aligning myself with that way of thinking, I want to be the kind of person that isn’t afraid to put myself out there or be vulnerable. I want to be the kind of person that doesn’t worry what other people think of my creative endeavors. I want to be a doer not just a thinker or a talker.

I’m here today with new goals in mind for hey pooker. I’m going to post about whatever I want whenever I want from here on out. It may be a post about beauty, food, events, my personal life, a random thought that crossed my mind. I could post about anything. I love to look back at years I spent on tumblr curating my page. While I didn’t have many followers, when I look at my archives I smile because I have a digital scrapbook of my life and interests during those years. Sure, some of it makes me cringe, but I’m happy that it exists either way. I’m beyond excited to see what the future has in store for me and to see what pieces of it I choose to  share with you here.