I am so pleased to finally announce my newest offering, ritual! Ritual is an in salon treatment. It features a combination of hot oil scalp massage, aromatherapy , and energy work. The reason it’s called an “intuitive” oil treatment may sound a little woo woo, but basically the oils choose you! That’s only a  part of what makes this service so unique. 

The oils I use are a custom blend of 3 different carrier oils. I choose these based of your hair texture, type, and needs. Then I take a few drops of a few of the highest quality essential oils available each with physical as well as energetic properties to nourish scalp and soul. 

Part of the Reason I felt called to create Ritual was because I have noticed a lack in the hair care world when it comes to not only all natural treatments, but also indulgent pampering sessions. These days a facial comes with a gua sha massage, a pilates class comes with a cbd salve rubdown, with a massage you might get 30 minutes of dry brushing or a sound bath! Your head and the hair on it deserve just as much love and attention. It’s housing your busy brain after all. 


Ritual can be added on to any cut or blowout service or it can be a stand alone treatment if you want to stop by for a quick scalp rub down and then head out the door. If booked as a stand alone you will have a choice to either leave with the oils still in your hair or leave wet. The services on my menu as “ritual” and you can go ahead and book yours now!

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